"Make no little plans...they have no magic to stir men's blood."
Daniel Burnham

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Traditional Architecture Firm Robert A. M. Stern Architects, LLP Chosen for New College House at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.

Lancaster, Pa has a long standing history tracing back to the beginnings of our country. Lancaster is one of the few places that has the distinguished title of being, not just a National Capitol, but also a State and Local Capitol. Franklin and Marshall College is a long standing rock in the changing face of education, originally founded by several benefactors who include Benjamin Franklin and former President James Buchannan. Throughout the years the college has expanded, but the new building planned will be the first to grace the center of campus in over twenty five years.

The new building was designed to fit in with the varied traditional context within the campus is planned in a Georgian Revival Motif, respecting the buildings around the site which vary throughout many different architectural styles ranging from Gothic to Gothic Revival to Colonial. This new building will create a residential quad of student housing and faculty offices.

With goals to push the campus to a more sustainable and community oriented environment the college plans to relocated interior parking lots toward the exterior of the school property and create a walking environment and limit the use of cars on campus, not just for those attending but also visitors. We can only pray that this full scale bravado of a walking environment will continue as the college continues to grow and redevelop eyesores in the community around them.